The Truck (Trailer actually)

The name says it all.  We’re bringing a completely unique dining experience to the Triangle.  We’re making our delicious Three Cheese Mac and Cheese (which is great on its own) and letting you top it how you want with fresh ingredients that are prepared daily. 

The People

Scott Freiermuth (Fry, for short) has worked in the food industry for much of his life.  His first job, at the age of 14, was as a cook at a local swimming club.  After that, a pretzel shop, then at an airline food service company, pizza place, and most recently an Italian restaurant.  Although, shortly after graduating college Scott worked as a Corporate Accountant for three years, his life long dream of owning a restaurant was never too far from his mind.  However, it wasn’t until he met his wife, Caroline (in Las Vegas of all places), that his true passion for food really developed and transformed into something that could actually happen.  Encouraged by Caroline (who you can see on the trailer from time to time), Scott left the corporate world when the two moved to Durham in 2010 and he entered culinary school.  He graduated, near the top of his class, from the Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham in late 2011.  After months of discussion and planning, Mac-Ur-Roni finally came to be.


Giving Credit Where it is Due:

Caroline Freiermuth-For the encouragement and support to get the truck moving

Katie Westerman-For the sweet name and tag-line

Jacquelyn Freiermuth-For designing the logo, website, and anything else that requires any creativity

Chef Andy at Valiant Equipment-For the trailer, built to my specs in a ridiculously quick turnaround